What to know about Pop Rivets and Blind Rivets

What to know about Pop Rivets and Blind Rivets

We have written about this, but somehow people still get to confuse themselves about the two.

What’s really the difference between pop and blind rivets?

In implementing a project, the little differences in hardware or quality may end up imparting the project’s success positively or negatively.

Hence much care is needed in your decisions regarding the prospective selection or buying.

What is a Blind Rivet?

Blind rivet recognition still dates back to its history when it serves as a revolutionary fastener for various projects then such as automobiles, telecommunication and the rest.

The “blind” in the name was birthed because it is installed or applied when you don’t have access or can’t see what is happening on the other side.   

A revolutionary fastener, the blind rivet is so named because it can only be installed when a user lack access to or can’t see the other side of the material being riveted.

Before the birth of the blind rivet. The traditional method involves the use of solid rivets and bolts which requires access to both sides.

Hence imagine how difficult and several intricate projects would have been without the invention of blind rivets. Did just say fuvk! Yea I knew so.

What is a Pop Rivet?

What to know about Pop Rivets and Blind Rivets.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. What if someone tells you pop rivet is the same as blind rivets. Sounds strange, isn’t it? But shockingly they are right.

Pop rivet is a common name also used for blind rivets.

It all dated back to 1934, when George Tucker Eyelet Company teamed with an aircraft manufacturer in need of assistance to develop a fastener that could save the stress of two side problems by just setting it from one side of the material.

Achievement of the fastener was made and made a popping sound during installation and behold POP Rivet was coined.

And it became more familiar and easier to pronounce with time, more like a brand name to the extent that people tend to search for pop rivets whenever such rivets are needed.

It is now owned and manufactured in the US by Stanley Engineering Fastening Company proving its quality and reliability due to the United States’ history in giving the best fastener for any desired project.

Blind or Pop Rivet Usage and Categories.

Blind rivets are made of two important parts which are a rivet and a mandrel. It is installed or set in a fit hole linking or passing through any material available for riveting.

A rivet gun is needed for its driving, the tool is used to pull the mandrel back at the same time while holding the rivet in place. This force happening in this process deforms the rivet pushing the sides towards the edge until the mandrel snaps or pops.

The rivet on the back or blind side of the material obviously swells or enlarges thereby joining the materials tightly together.  

Blind or pop rivets come in different categories which depends on the materials of both the rivet and the mandrel.

We have aluminium/steel, which means the rivet comes in aluminium material while the mandrel comes in steel material or others which also comes in stainless steel, nickel-copper alloy and the rest top graded aluminium.

That’s why its highly advised and recommended by professionals that blind rivets are best used by matching the rivet and mandrel materials to avoid corrosion and weakening. i.e steel and steel construction, stainless steel and stainless steel construction and so on.

Although the blind rivet comes in multiple forms the few common ones are standard, sealed, multigrip, locking rivet etc. You can as well learn more here.

Project Applications For Blind Rivets  

A reliable fastener for various projects with different materials such as wood, plastic and metals would be pop rivets. most of these projects involve the use of screws and nails as fasteners which are most times not effective and strong.

Unlike pop rivets which render a more superior change in lifelong expectancy, quality, and durability. Projects such as simple woodwork, household decoration and DIY etc.


By now, you should be familiar with pop and blind rivets and understand how both names are typically used for each other.  

And also to know how well-known it is. Plus it is highly resourceful in project installation because they give quicker, easy, consistent and durable fastening.

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