The Best Leather Rivet Setters for 2022

The Best Leather Rivet Setters for 2022

Was just on our daily normal routine when we stumbled upon a request from a subscriber Tanya, who is asking for a guide on leather rivet setter. This is actually a great post for the team as we haven’t thought about that till Tanya requested it.

Hence, this post would be on the best 5 leather rivet setters for 2022.

I hope by the end you would have garnered knowledge bout a leather rivet setter and a guide to purchasing one

What is a rivet setter?

To get the best out of any leather project, a rivet setter is strongly advised.

Although the use of needle and thread are often needed to join two pieces of leather together in order for firmness to be achieved.

But who sew all times when rivet setter is available and highly resourceful.

Rivet setter is used to tighten attractive brass and copper rivets to leather. By adopting any craft hammer, the rivet fixator gets good-looking burr seats properly.  

Although sewing brings out the aesthetic part of the design, clenches are also advised.

Tightly attached clinches have the ability to fix the leather pieces together permanently making them durable and strong to last a long time.

We have quick and copper rivets also known as washers. They can be set easily with the use of hands by means of a fixator or by using a special machine.   

Before embarking on or implementing a leatherwork project, it is vital to get a robust leatherworking tool with the ability to endure metal clinches.

 Even though an enduring puncher can handle putting clinchers on any hard surface such as anvil or marble. But mostly it is the best choice for leathercraft projects.

  1. JUNESunShine Copper Rivet and Burr with 2 IN 1 Stainless Steel Burr Setter, Round Punch Cutters
  2. Tandy Leather Craftool Rivet Setter 8100-00
  3. Tandy Leather Craftool Deluxe Snap-All/Rivet Setter Kit 8105-00
  4. SKYZONAL DIY Leather Rivet Setter with Base for Punch Hole and Install Rivet Button
  5. Tandy Leather Factory Rivet Setter Plus Anvil Set

JUNESunShine Copper Rivet and Burr with 2 IN 1 Stainless Steel Burr Setter, Round Punch Cutters

JUNESunShine Leather Rivets Fastener is one of the best on the market.

It is Ideal for leather DIY, leather crafts, leather repair, and tack repairs. Great for embellishment or strength, leather reinforcement.

This means it goes well for leather belts, halters, bridles, purses, handbags, backpacks, bags, bracelets, leather-crafting, leather ornaments, canvas and so on.

it is very easy to use with a simple installation method.

The Best Leather Rivet Setters for 2022


  • Quality
  • Affordable
  • Stud case available
  • Solid rivets.


  • Rivets bend easily if not worked well.

Tandy Leather Craftool Rivet Setter 8100-00

This is the cheapest rivet setter out of these arranged lists, yet the cost has in no way limited the usefulness.

It is a small and compact design with durable metal construction and possesses the ability to join any bolt to all types of leather.

The Best Leather Rivet Setters for 2022


  • Highly durable
  • Solid
  • It has a concave end in order that helps to avoid flattening of caps
  • Can join rapid or crystal nuts easily.
  • It  works well for single clenches
  • Very cheap under 5$


  • Not great for anything bigger than a 9mm rivet
  • It doesn’t go well for double-cap finishing;
  • Not good for all DIY projects due to the carved gripping part
  • Anvil is sold separately

Tandy Leather Craftool Deluxe Snap-All/Rivet Setter Kit 8105-00

This rivet setter is another best lightweight tool on the market measuring 1.35 pounds,

it features a universal snap and rivet setter that has the capacity of setting multipurpose functions.

It’s a good buy if found in a craftsman’s toolbox.

The Best Leather Rivet Setters for 2022


  • Goes well for rapid and double cap rivets.
  • It is versatile
  • Easier to grip
  • Affordable


  • Great for leather but dint go well with heavy-duty stuff.

SKYZONAL DIY Leather Craft Kit Rivet Setter

This is a great one from Skyzonal company. It is a tool made of durable solid metal for long life expectancy, with long handles which provide better grip and comfort

It is made for punch holes and does well-installing snap fasteners, press studs, rivets, grommets, etc.

It’s a lightweight tool of 11.4 ounces plus users find it comfortable and convenient to use.

The Best Leather Rivet Setters for 2022


  • Durable
  • Its quite affordable
  • It set rivets and punches holes smoothly


  • Instructions manual not available
  • Head sometimes flattening when hammering

Tandy Leather Factory Rivet Setter Plus Anvil Set

Last on these lists is a resourceful setter with a solid anvil capable of different materials. It’s a double cap clench tool. It has one side concave while the other is flat.

It is also a cheap tool under 10$ and that hasn’t limited its usefulness and quality in any way.  

The Best Leather Rivet Setters for 2022


  • Perfect for work with double clenches
  • Its has quality
  • It’s a cheap but effective tool
  • It is suitable for rapid rivets or crystal rivets.


  • Only advisable with a mallet hammer.
  • The setter is exactly 3/8inch, hence it’s Not Good for anything above 3.8-inch or smaller clinches.

What rivet types are used for leather?

Rivet types come in a range of finishing in order to recognize and pick the best that stand out against tanned leather.

The rivet is an advance on the nut and both can be used with a sewing machine to lock bits of leather together.

  • Decorative rivets also known as fancy wire rivets: Are rivets furnished with decorations to suit the desired projects. A wooden mallet is used to set them to avoid scratching in order to derive a smooth finish.   
  • Nail-head rivets: this rivet is not that different from wire rivets just that the rivet already has one end done. They can be shortened when too long to get an accurate finish then set by hammering the unfinished end.
  • Compression rivets are also known as two-part rivets: these rivets are stronger than the rest yet simpler to set.

Can a riveter or rivet gun be used on leather?

Definitely, the pop rivet gun remains one of the best and most durable methods to set rivets into a leather surface.

The pop riveter is adopted to force the body of the rivet onto the leather piece for strength and extension,

When the grip is achieved, the mandrel snaps getting the rivet fix and locked permanently in the intended position the rivet in position.

Check out our post on the best rivet gun to guide your buying.

Determining the size of leather rivets

The most used method is the knowing width of the rivet which should be at least 3 times thicker than the thickest layer of the leather object.

Hence, the bucked counter head width of the rivet joint shouldn’t be more than 1.4 times the diameter of the shank.

How to rivet metal to leather?

Anvils are used manually in setting metal rivets. They are chosen in compliance with the forms and sizes of the rivets.

They are quite costly due to the range of decorative rivets.

A user should use a foundation of vegetable-tanned leather, this must be spread on a strong even board such as a steel plate, flat side of the anvil, etc.

The quite thin leather can be used for riveting little metal ornaments in the form of tiny pets, hands, flat stars, and crosses (approximately 1 mm/0.04 inches of each rivet).

To guarantee that a rivet will not shift, bend or crack while setting.

Creating a mould for every decoration while riveting a high metal ornament is advised, the rivets will bond securely to the object.

The stem will not expand if the leather piece is too heavy, and the metal ornament may not stick.

For example, it is ideal to pick a leather piece with a density of 3 to 3.5 mm (0.1 to 0.13 inches) for a rivet with a 5-mm (0.2 inches) stem.

How to Rivet Metal Decoration to Leather

Punch the hole in the leather piece;

Insert the rivet from the front side and position it on the veg-tanned leather piece;

Place the head of the rivet upon the stem;

To flare the stem properly, keep the rivet setter perpendicularly on the stem;

Then Beat it with a mallet;


Firstly, I will like you to be aware that, the arrangement is random in case you are thinking they are listed according to their uniqueness.

Secondly, make sure you are aware of the intricacies in the application you need a rivet setter for in order to be fully guided when buying.

Such as durability, ease of usage, clenches and so on.

Rivet setter is a good tool for any craftsman or anyone in the line of design requiring leather.

It also goes well with needle and thread in case users are familiar more with that, as it brings out better aesthetics.

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