How to Use Tools for Rivet Removal

How to Use Tools for Rivet Removal

When you have to remove a rivet, it pays to use the right rivet removal tool.

Working with rivets could be sometimes tricky, fun and also frustrating especially when it’s substandard.

As a user, you might mistakenly install incorrectly or lack the skills and sometimes even despite the skills, a rivet might crack or break during settings or installation.

Another common issue experience is when a rivet starts getting corroded. Under all these possibilities, the rivet certainly needs to be changed or replaced with a new one.  

So, how do you intend to do this? Let me guess

A rivet tool removal! Yea.

What is a rivet tool removal?

A rivet tool removal under any project or installation is a modern method adopted in removing rivet heads without ruining the drill holes in order to replace the rivet or disassemble a workpiece. 

It can also be used as a rivet removal for power drills.

A classic rivet removal tool features a drill bit that matches the mandrel size of and a fitted collar over the rivet head.

The collar positioned the drill bit on the rivet head for a neat cut avoiding damaging a hole easily.

A good advantage of a rivet removal tool is that it grants the ability to set the depth of the drill bits.

This allows the user to remove the rivet heads without damaging or wrecking the hole.

When you want to use a rivet tool removal. Certain things must be put into consideration in order to get the job done rightly.

But before we get into that, let’s look into three archaic yet conventional method that has been used in time past. Which I believe some even use to date.

  • Grinder

A grinder can be used to cut off cracked rivets. The method is good mostly when you do not intend to reuse the piece again.

 For instance, disassembling table woodwork for disposal or using the part for other household projects.

As fast or rapid as a grinder could be, it is certain to wreck or disfigures the materials and the workpiece which wouldn’t bring the project’s desired aesthetic.

  • Drilling 

Another archaic method is manually drilling out the ruined or corroded rivets by power drill with a drill bit that matches the rivet mandrel size.

As easy as drilling can be, it could also easily wreck the hole and mar the workpiece.

Another thing to consider before drilling out a cracked or corroded rivet is the type of rivet head.

The way to drill out flat-headed rivets won’t be as hard as drilling out round-headed rivets.

  • Manual Removal

Manual removal is analogous to the grinding method in the sense of wrecking the rivets while disassembling the workpieces. It’s a simple method involving the use of a hammer and chisel.

But as with other methods listed above, the manual hammer and the chisel also have their ways of ruining the workpieces.

And it takes a longer time to remove rivets with them than using the easiest method of a rivet removal tool.

Imagine how long it would take you to remove multiple rivets from a large workpiece. That’s why you need quality rivets removal.

Now, what are the things to consider before getting a new rivet tool removal?

A rivet removal tool kit provides users with the necessary characteristics for a certain project.

Since the rivets come in different forms and materials, getting the removal tool that can handle all would be the key.

The speed should be put into consideration. For instance in the case of a project with ample rivet disassembly with different forms and materials. Speed is a required factor here in order to avoid fatigue.

Another features to be put into consideration is ergonomics, this shows whether the design is efficient and environmentally.

It must have good ease of usage.

Also, check out for the power source such as automatic or manual in the sense of being cordless (battery/electric) or pneumatic (air pressure).

And last features to check are the weight to determine if it’s convenient for women and easy to carry.

Especially to remove rivets in tight spots thereby avoiding arms fatigue, portability and a carrying case for organizing, mobility or transportation.  

Example of rivet tool removal kit

1.      Aircraft Tool Supply Rivet Removal Tool

How to Use Tools for Rivet Removal

2.      Air Capital Rivet Removal Tool

How to Use Tools for Rivet Removal

You can get countless of them on the amazon market.


Choosing the right rivet removal tool kit is a move that also determines the outcome of your projects when replacing or removing rivets head are concerned.

The bad ones might end up changing or shaping the pre-drilled hole sizes which may weaken the joints thereby affecting the appearance.

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