Ginour 17” Rivnut Tool Kit Review

Ginour 17” Rivnut Tool Kit Review

Ginour is a good company proven its stands in the international market for quite a while and to be factual, their products are very resourceful.

Tools that include home improvement tools, electric DIY sanding tools, professional automotive care tools and a host of others.

This post is a review of her wonderful product widely known and accepted professionally.

Let me introduce you to Ginour 17” rivnut tool kit. It is a manually operated heavy-duty lever rivet gun tested for efficiency and came out with a good score.

Ginour 17'' Rivnut Tool Kit Review


The heavy-duty manual rivet gun is a lightweight tool of 5.51pound, designed and constructed from high quality, Reinforced carbon steel body which proves its functions of anti-corrosion and anti-deformation.

Coupled with its mandrel, made of chrome alloy steel enabling smooth squeezing and durability to last a longer lifetime.                    

Ease of use

The rivnut tool comes with an ergonomic non-slip rubber handle rendering great ease of use in terms of comfortability and convenience.

With the 17-inch, 90° maximum handle expending angle, the rivet nut tool grants the user leverage for easier compressing of rivnuts with less effort and stress.

A good part our team love about this riveter is the innovative auto quick-release nut stricter for comfortable and rapid unload by simply loosening the handle.

When a user spread the open U- shaped handles and squeezes the handles 2-3 times. The tool head automatically rotates in the reverse direction to exit the nut.

This implies you need not go through the trouble of unscrewing manually anymore.

And lastly, in terms of organizing and transportation, a sturdy portable case is provided to serve the user well, with the accessories excellently organized.

Each tool fits adequately into its respective places making sorting of rivnuts super easy and preventing possible loss.


Ginour 17” rivnut kit includes a compatible interchangeable 7Pcs of metric mandrels (M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12) and 4Pcs of SAE mandrels (1/4-20, 3/8-16, 5/16-18, 10-24).

It also has 110Pcs of rivet nuts in the division of 10Pcs for each mandrel, and a multi-functional wrench to swap the mandrel in preparation for desired rivnut settings.


As discussed at the beginning of this post. Ginour 17” rivnut tool kit has a wide application. It is used in different households and professional industries for various applications such as bicycle attachments, body panels, furniture, DIY and decorations, especially for off-road Jeep modifications and others.


  • Labour saving
  • Affordable
  • High and durable quality
  • Sets rivets smoothly
  • Fully automatic connecting rod design
  • Instruction annual available


  • Not good for tight angles and edges

The tool usage steps

Step 1: Install the nut on the mandrel (Make sure the handles are opened completely).

Step 2: Insert the rivet nut into the previously drilled hole.

Step 3: Press the handles to rivet the nut in place.

Step 4: Once the nut is installed, spread open handles and squeeze the handles 2-3 times.

Steps of installing the mandrel

Step 1: Insert mandrel into the stem. (Push the stationary sleeve backwards when installing or unloading).

Step 2: Install the sleeve.

Step 3: Install the nose piece matching mandrels.

Step 4: Tighten with the included tool.

Frequently Asked Questions On Ginour 17” Rivet Nut Tool Kit

As I round up this review, there are a couple of frequently asked questions on Ginour 17” rivnut tools with the response.

Question: Can you get different mandrels such as 8-32? If so where do you find them?

Answer: You can try to find them by email or Ginour official website

Question: Can I use stainless steel rivet nuts?

Answer: Yes you can

Question: What is the difference between 14″, 16″, and 17″?

Answer: 17” will save more effort, the longer the rivet clamp, the more effort will be saved

Question: What material is this tool suitable for?

Answer: The tool only applies to materials with a hardness higher than HRC35, such as iron, sheet metal, ABS plastic, etc. Not suitable for fabric, advertising billboards, or ultra-thin metal plates (<1mm).

Question: Does it also work with a blind rivet or pop rivet?

Answer: No, it’s specifically used to install threaded inserts.

Question: I have seen other brands of products saying that the mandrel will break. What are the breakage conditions of the mandrel?

Answer: If you do not maintain the level when using it, it will cause the mandrel to break

Question: Is this tool suitable for beginners?

Answer: For beginners, the tool is easy to operate. No need for technical know-how

Question: What is the bolt thread that goes in the m 12 nutsert?

Answer: It is a standard m12. The hole to be drilled will be about 15mm.


Ginour 17” rivet nut tool kit is no doubt a good one and a great choice in your toolbox.

Though there are critics of the mandrel breaking easily, and in our testing of the tool, nothing of such occurred.

The user should make sure the rivnut tool is parallel to the working hole when in use or else it breaks or damage the mandrel easily and we believe that’s is where the criticism are arising from. So get one today and end that project for good.

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