Best Five Manual Hand Rivet Tools

Best Five Manual Hand Rivet Tools

Hand rivet gun works with a much simple but classic lever and requires manual squeezing from the operator.

It is a rivet gun generally made of steel with a suitable rubber handle grip and still stands as the rivet gun with the cheapest cost.

let’s take a look at the current leading five in the market

  • Wetols Rivet Gun WE-88
  • GIANTISAN Rivet Gun (GT900)
  • Neu Master Rivet Gun (NHR958)
  • AIUITIO Rivet Gun B09GRTBG5R
  • XinQiao Rivet Gun B08J47J6C3

Wetols Rivet Gun WE-88

Best Five Manual Hand Rivet Tools

The lightweight Wetols rivet gun (we-88) is one of the leading manual riveters in the market and is very affordable.

The riveter is quite a solid tool made from a high-quality material with an aluminium alloy body and reinforced carbon steel heat treatment handle which increases the strength of the rivet gun body strength and life expectancy.

The rivet gun comes with a double-curved handle design which makes it more efficient and comfortable when working with it. The handle sleeves are made with PVC providing protection for hands in terms of injury, fatigue, and fitness.

The riveter tool is provided with 4 compatible and Interchangeable Rivet Heads:  3/32″(2.4mm), 1/8″ (3.2mm), 5/32″(4mm), and 3/16″(4.8mm). while some other types of rivet heads are placed on the handle for space-saving and convenience, equipping each size with 30 pieces of rivets tantamounting to 120pcs aluminium rivets, which is suitable for your desired riveting need.

The rivet gun was designed for wide application. It can handle all types of rivets to adapt to various riveting operations, such as construction, maintenance or hand-made, etc. Note: 4.8mm Rivet head is not recommended for use with steel and stainless steel rivets.

It is also quite Easy to Use due to the Sleeve knurled all-in-one design and the guide mouth knurling design can be removed manually for easy change or maintenance. Wetols rivet gun can be used as a one-hand riveter, especially For thinner nails, but for thicker nails, two hands are required for strength, speed and accuracy.

There is a provision of a portable sturdy blow moulded case for neat packaging, safety and transportation.

A downside of Wetols rivet gun we-888 is the jam issue, the stem of the rivet jams inside the tool each and every time. This occurs with all stem sizes across the full range of inserts and to get it out, disassembly of the tools is mandatory. Even though users might get used to it, it can be seriously frustrating to beginners.

Another downside is that the riveter takes about 3 minutes so if you’ve got a job with more rivets to set, it’s going to take a longer time to finish. So choose wisely

GIANTISAN Rivet Gun (GT900)

Best Five Manual Hand Rivet Tools

GIANTISAN pop rivet gun is an affordable simple lightweight but strong hand riveter design. The riveter is made from high-strength aluminium alloy and carbon steel durable enough for long-life performance.

The rivet gun is accepted for wide applications which cut across Metal work, Gutter, automotive, aviation, railway, elevator, instrument, furniture and other common projects.

It comes with a colour-coded interchangeable nosepiece: 3/32″(2.4mm), 1/8″(3.2mm), 5/32(4mm) and 3/16″(4.8mm which are tool-free changed to fit conforming rivet sizes of desired projects. This riveter works with aluminium and steel rivets of the main size

The rivet kit also comes with 200 pcs aluminium rivets( 50pcs per size) compatible with the nosepiece, 4 drill bits, and a rugged storage box for safety, movement and arrangement.

So far so good the rivet gun serves its purpose well but there are few reports from users hoping the handle could be a bit longer in leverage and strength for thicker nails.

Neu Master Rivet Gun (NHR958)

Best Five Manual Hand Rivet Tools

The Neu Master Rivet Gun is also an affordable tool made in a convenient design way and price worth. It is a durable tool designed professionally of three pieces of rabbit Jaw Co-Mo aluminium alloy structure, reinforced with a carbon steel heat treated handle and high-quality aluminium-alloy body to increase the rivet gun body strength. A good non-slippery grip for firm grip and easy use.

The Ergonomic Design of the rivet gun allows a smooth pop of rivets just with a single hand and decreases the level of operator hand fatigue.

It can be operated as a one-hand tool but in a situation of the project with more rivets, two hands are strictly advised for speed, strength and accuracy.

It features fixed sleeve, knurled rivet heads for tool-free change or maintenance heads easily perfect for wide applications such as industries projects and a host of others

It’s a versatile riveter with 4 Interchangeable rivet heads ranging 3/32″(2.4mm), 1/8″(3.2mm), 5/32(4mm), and 3/16″(4.8mm) which are colour-coded, marked and stored on the handle for easy identification. The rivet head can be hand swapped and each rivet head is equipped with 50 pieces totalling 200 pieces of aluminium rivets.

It is a rivet gun made with adjustable effort and tool-free for changing the rivet head.

Some downsize noticed is the stems which sometimes get broken when used for bigger nails and the riveter has to be disassembled to get it out.


Best Five Manual Hand Rivet Tools

AIUITIO Rivet Gun is an affordable unique heavy-duty design quite powerful due to its made of  Three pieces rabbit Jaw Co-Mo alloy steel structure, thickening and heat-treated carbon structure steel handle and high-quality aluminium alloy body increasing the rivet gun body strength and prolonging the lifecycle.

The rivet gun adopted an ergonomic design that allows a single hand to make work easier and save more than 20% effort.

Thanks to the anti-slip handle, The handle has a firm grip that made work comfortable and effortless.

The riveter includes knurled rivet heads which the rivet head can be easily changed by hand.

 These rivets head comes in 4 colour-coded Interchangeable type: 3/32″(2.4mm), 1/8″(3.2mm), 5/32(4mm) and 3/16″(4.8mm) stored on the handle for easy exchanging. But as advised by the manufacture. 3/16” (4.8mm) Rivet head is not recommended for use with steel and stainless steel rivets. We actually did risk it during our test mode and sincerely the result need not be told.

The pop rivet gun is also added with 200 pieces of Aluminum Rivets giving 50 pieces of each rivet head. And each size is equipped with 50 pieces of rivets which meet all riveting needs.

To make riveting work more convenient and efficient, the riveter head is designed in a 360-degree rotatable way fitted for narrow spaces and improper fractions.

Lastly, the pop rivet gun is Widely and professionally accepted for its performance in different sectors and various projects, such as automotive, aviation, railway, elevator, instrument and furniture.

XINQIA Rivet Gun B08J47J6C3

Best Five Manual Hand Rivet Tools

Xinqiao rivet gun is one of the cheapest rivet guns in the market that can get the job done if used appropriately. The rivet gun was cast in high-strength aluminium, it’s powerful, rustproof and reliable. The aluminium casting handle is protected by durable PVC, which has a good heat treatment for superior strength.

It’s a lightweight tool lighter than other riveters with a weight of 1.4 pounds.

The pop rivet gun features 4 rivet heads sizes: 3/32″(2.4mm), 1/8″(3.2mm), 5/32″(4mm), 3/16″(4.8mm) and are stored on the handle.

It was made to handle all three types of rivets(aluminium, steel, and stainless steel rivets).
The rivet gun is equipped with 100 pieces of rivets, 25pc for each of the nosepieces but they are not marked to their sizes hence buyer is to look well and identify the size for the desired project.

The design is classic in its own way, our team fell in love with the ergonomic design and the attributes i.e the handle lock, knurled heads, and the spring-loaded mechanism. They can be removed tool-free for easy rivet-head change or maintenance

As a one-hand tool it quite fit well yet we had issues with the 3/16″ (4.8mm)), we had to use both hands to get the job done. But when tried by one of our team members “Biggie”.

With his strong hand, he got the job done effortlessly, so I guess the rest are the weaker ones. It’s quite funny though because everyone is not our team member “Biggie”. Hence I urge users to use both hands for the larger rivets. 

XinQiao rivet gun is facing a lot of critics from different users, but in our opinion, the riveter works well considering its low price.


Manual riveters are tools to be found in every household toolbox.

We have a lot out there in the market but for you to have an idea and knowledge of what you want before using that credit card. We came up with these best five currently leading…so the balls are in your court if you want it or not. Just remember your buying of riveters or rivet guns should always be determined by your projection of applications.

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