Best 5 Heavy-Duty Lever Rivet Guns Under 50$

A heavy-duty lever riveter is a much easier and simpler tool to use compared to the hand rivet gun due to its longer handles. It is solidly made and works great with the longer handle maximizing leverage for easy and smooth riveting. Discuss below the best five heavy-duty rivet tools under 50$ which could still get your installation or project done without stress.

  • ORFELD Rivet Nut “13 Tool
  • JUSTECH Pop Rivet Gun
  • ONE SIGHT Kohree Rivet Nut Tool
  • AMJOY Rivet Nut Tool 16”
  • HARDELL 14” Rivet Gun

ORFELD Rivet Nut “13 Tool

Best 5 Heavy-Duty Lever Rivet Guns Under 50$

Talking of the best heavy-duty rivet gun, a good one to come to mind is the ORFELD Rivet Nut “13 Tool.

ORFELD 13″ rivet nut tool is a long-lasting and strong riveter made of 3.5mm thick carbon steel. It is heat-treated and coated to prevent corrosion and rust with a U-shaped cross-section arm rendering the tool high reliability and preventing bending. The design form and materials have not made it just powerful but also enhanced its durability and prolonged its life expectancy.

The ORFELD 13″ upgraded rivet nut tool embraced the latest ergonomic design concept. Which makes it environmentally friendly. It gets comfortable to use with the arc-shaped long arm and rubber handle giving the largest multiples of 38-fold force arm. The anti-slip handle makes the rivet tool work effortlessly and conveniently.

The riveter includes 7 interchangeable spindles: (metric M10, M8, M6, M5; SAE 10-24, 1/4-20, 5/16-18) with 35 compatible rivet nuts providing spindles with 5 rivet nuts each. Hence the assurance of meeting the various needs is certain.

The rivet gun adopts a quick-change head design making it tool-free in changing the mandrels and nosepieces when need be. This can save about 40% of installation time for quick riveting.

 The ORFELD 13” nut rivet tool is compatible with all rivet materials: Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel giving it a wide application that aligns with metal plates, plastic parts, and riveted wood, bicycle accessories, car accessories, furniture and so on.

Justech Pop Rivet Gun

Best 5 Heavy-Duty Lever Rivet Guns Under 50$

Justech pop rivet gun is a simple lightweight but resourceful rivet tool made of Internal three-jaw Steel Chuck Structure, high-quality Carbon Steel, heat treated tough and durable enough to last a long time. It comes with an anti-slip handle offering a firm grip for convenient riveting.

The labour-saving rivet gun adopts an efficient and environment-friendly design, reducing operator effort by 60% coupled with compound hinges for maximum leverage and smooth ease of use.

It include a 5 compatible interchangeable nosepieces  which are 1/8″ (3.2mm), 5/32″(4mm), 3/16″(4.8mm),1 and 1/4″(6.4mm) and  200 pieces of Rivets which are distributed across the 5 nosepieces: (80 PCS) 3.2mm Rivets, (60 PCS) 4.0mm Rivets, (40 PCS) 4.8mm Rivets, (10PCS) 6.0mm Rivets, (10 PCS) 6.4mm Rivets. The nosepieces can be changed with the included wrench.

This provides the necessary need for various riveting and a storage bottle for snapped mandrel ensuring protection for users. It supports the three types of rivet material but it’s quite more essential for stainless steel rivet.   

It is Widely accepted for riveting in Electromechanical and Light Industrial Products Such as Automobiles, Aviation, Railways, Refrigeration, Elevators, Switches, Decoration and so on.

One sight Kohree Rivet Nut Tool

Best 5 Heavy-Duty Lever Rivet Guns Under 50$

Kohree rivet nut tool gains its seat on this list by being a long-lasting and durable nut tool made of quality thick carbon steel, whose surface was heat-treated in order to get sturdy and corrosion-resistant for a long life expectancy.

The rivet nut tool has an ergonomic long arm and rubbery handle enabling the user a 50% effort than normal rivet nut tools. The included pliable mandrel design also ensures more convenient replacement and maintenance within a lesser period of time.

This rivet nut tool is also lightweight, rendering the user, less arm fatigue when riveting projects with high installation parts and tough spot angles. 

One Sight rivet nut tool is equipped with 8pieces SAE and Metric interchangeable mandrel parts (M6, M8, M10, 1/4-20*2, 10-24, 5/16-18, 3/8-16) and 110pieces rivet nuts which are shared in various number for the mandrel part thus (M6 *15pcs, M8 *10pcs, M10 *10pcs, SAE 1/4-20 *35pcs, SAE10-24 *10pcs, 5/16-18 *15pcs, 3/8-16 *15pcs. These are more than enough to meet your desired applications.

The rivet nut tool kit come in a beautiful double-layer Packaging organizing the rivet gun, mandrels and all rivet nuts in the sturdy blow box provided for easy recognition and movement.

A good thing about One Sight Rivet is the attractive way of placing the blow-moulded box and rivet nuts in exquisite cardboard for outer packing, which can be given as gifts at anniversaries and several functions.

The rivet gun provides professional solutions in various installations such as the setting of metal plates of jeep fenders, bicycles, hardware furniture, car accessories etc.

Amjoy Rivet Nut Tool 16”

Best 5 Heavy-Duty Lever Rivet Guns Under 50$

Amjoy Rivet Nut Tool 16” is also another affordable rivet nut gun and is professionally accepted.

The rivet tool and mandrels are made of high-quality hardness carbon steel which looks durable and solid to avoid bending or breaking of mandrels.

The rivet nut tool Long handles design maximizes leverage saving 30% effort and renders easy pulling of rivet nuts delivering an effortless and smooth rivet nuts settings and installation.

It is a lightweight tool reducing hand fatigue when setting for higher and larger rivnuts with a strong handle for firm grip and easy handling.

The rivet nut too gun is equipped with an 8 Sizes of Mandrels: Metric M5 M6 M8 M10, SAE 10-24, 1/4-20, 5/16-18, 3/8-16 and compatible 80 pieces of rivet Nuts for each rivet head.

A little versatile spanner is provided in swapping the mandrel which I would say isn’t great compared to the tool-free ones. It also comes with a stroke measuring gauge which is in millimetres. It shows the stroke of the tool when closing the handles meaning that the stroke is determined with the handles spread as far as they go.

Amjoy rivet nut tools are designed to meet various needs of riveting such as Automobile, Bicycle, Boat, Repair Doors, Windows, Furniture, Shelves and Racks and a host of others.

A downsize is on the small rivet nuts which get broken easily if much pressure is exerted on it, hence for a beginner we would urge you to practice some rivet nuts alone before you really apply them to your projects.

HARDELL 14” Rivet Gun

Best 5 Heavy-Duty Lever Rivet Guns Under 50$

Hardell is a wonderful Heavy Duty rivet gun made in Heat-treated Chrome Vanadium alloy steel mandrels making the Rivet tool sets not just strong but highly durable than other carbon-steel rivet gun sets.

The rivet gun comes with an ergonomic lovely handle that increases user leverage for strength, easy operation, less hand fatigue and saves energy.

Hardell 14” professional rivet gun include 5 manual Interchangeable Rivet Heads: 3/32″(2.4mm), 1/8″ (3.2mm), 5/32″(4mm), 3/16″(4.8mm) and 1/4″ (6.4mm). with four stored on the handle for easy storage. It also features 100pcs rivets divided into 20 pieces for each rivets head which has been tested to meet various needs of applications riveting.

The swapping and changing of the heads are tool-free as they could be changed manually by hand to speed up riveting.

It is a rivet gun recommended for a steel material suitable and ideal for various applications.

Precautions When Using Rivet Gun:

  • Do not press the trigger of the rivet gun without working.
  • Do not overload the pop rivet gun.
  • Do not use the working pop rivet gun pointing at yourselves or others.
  • Do not use the working pop rivet gun pointing at yourselves or others.
  • Always use the correct rivets; otherwise, the rivets will be stuck in the rivet gun.
  • Always wear safety glasses when operating the rivet gun.
  • When operating a pop rivet gun, ensure the tight connection of the adapter.
  • The rivet gun should be lightly oiled every day before use


It’s a proven and visible fact that Rivet and rivet tools come in many lengths and diameters. A heavy-duty lever rivet tool is a resourceful riveter provided with the most suitable and necessary nosepieces and mandrel compatible with various rivet sizes to get desired projects, applications and installation done.  If planning to work with many sizes of rivets with the five examined in this post you are good to go. Hence I wish you fun and smooth rivnut settings with your projects.

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