Avdel Genesis 7537 Rivet Tool Review

Avdel Genesis 7537 Rivet Tool Review

There is a tool that has been existing for a while in the market, yet it has what could be called a low recognition.

What could be the reason behind this? we get to know at the end of this post. But let’s first get into the review and details of what the rivet gun really looks like.

So, to people who are yet to see or hear the name before, let us introduce you to Avdel Genesis 7537 Rivet Tool.

Avdel Genesis 7537 Rivet Tool

The powerful Genesis 7537 rivet tool is a product of Avdel revolutionary new speed fastening system, it comes in a lightweight yet tough and durable hydraulic hand tool, with a design for speed in specificity.

It has a unique mode of riveting operation surpassing most other riveters on the market, it is a tool we tagged “price meet value”.

Avdel Genesis 7537 Rivet Tool Review


The riveter is a hydro-pneumatic power tool designed in a specially toughened plastic body and heavy-duty rubber base with a long life expectancy.

In terms of ergonomics, the Avdel genesis rivet tool got a great mark, and we can say in our humble opinion, that the Avdel rivet tool remains the best blind rivet fastening.

Plus the comfortable grip and strength apparently beat most other riveters on the market making the tool simple to use and reducing operator fatigue.

The Avdel Genesis 7537 rivet tool could either be supplied preloaded with installed rivet weight that is half the size of most rivets or with Avdel automated placing equipment.

A good speedy edge is the reloading part which comes with a paper magazine of rivets relieving you of one-by-one rivet installation stress. 

The rivet gun is powered by Hydraulic Oil and Air with an air pressure range of 70 – 100 psi (4.82 – 6.89 bar).

Speed control

With a pulling force of 875lb. at 80 psi (3.89kN at 5.52 bar), the Avdel 7537 rivet tool passes with distinctions in the speed department. It has the capacity to deliver rapid blind rivets for all kinds of industrial needs.

This was proven in its Stroke length of 1.10inch (27.94mm) which renders the short umbilical riveter the power of setting rivet rapidly at a speed cycle time of Approximately 1.0 sec.

A good test taken was the setting of blind rivets in minutes and this rivet tool successfully delivers a field range of 60 per minute.

This is due to the great advantage of the rivet tool head, featuring a subsequent rivet that allows quick movement operation from one fix to the next.

Noise control

When it comes to environmental friendliness, the users-health was kept in mind at the time of production because the riveter comes in a moderate noise level of nothing less than 70db(A).

And a minimum vibration of nothing less than 8.2 ft/s2 avoiding the user from hearing damage, forearm strain and hand fatigue.


The Avdel Genesis 7537 rivet tool is a versatile product compatible with all types of fastener sizes such as ¼”, 5/32” (4.0mm), 1/8” (3.2mm), 3/16” (4.8mm), and the rest.

Yet they are all limited to the fastener name such as Choberts, Grovit, Avlug, Rivscrew, Avsert etc. meaning that a user must know the fastener sizes for a project in order to know the right one to choose.   

But it doesn’t dispute the fact that the riveter is compatible with different kinds of materials needed for a project such as stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper etc.

With the adoption of conventional break stem rivet. The rivet tool avoids littering metal waste with a built-in catch which is later handled, controlled and discarded in the waste bin.

And as regards the statement of the subsequent rivets from the tool lips made earlier,  a reusable mandrel installed successive rivets with no waste metal at all making it user-friendly and bettering the environment.

The Avdel 7537 Genesis hydraulic tool also has the ability to be suspended to ensure your requirements are matched and the installed rivet weight is half the size of most rivets.


  • It avoids metal waste for safety and environmental hygiene
  • It is Versatile
  • It comes with rapid fastening
  • Highly and durably Strong
  • Instructions manuals are provided.


  • An uncontrolled rivet stem is likely to jam the gun.
  • It comes at a very high price.

Loading the Tool

  • Connect the air supply to the tool
  • Open tail jaws which grip the mandrel, by switching off the tail jaw switch
  • Screw selected nose jaws onto the barrel of the tool.
  • Insert a mandrel into the tail end of the fasteners through the paper pod.
  • Slide the mandrel follower spring onto the mandrel ensuring correct orientation
  • Gripping the tail end of the mandrel, tear off the paper pod from around the fasteners.
  • Open the nose jaws either by rotating the outer ring on Cam operated jaws or by pushing outwards on the jaw ends.
  • Insert the previously assembled mandrel, mandrel follower spring and fasteners into the nose jaws until the first fastener to be placed is protruding from the nose jaw.
  • Close the nose jaws and adjust so that the first fastener protrudes by 1.5mm – 3mm (1/16” to 1/8”),
  • Close the tail jaws to ensure the mandrel is gripped, by switching on the tail jaw switch.

Reloading the tool

  • Open the tail jaws of the tool
  • Open the nose jaws and pull the empty mandrel and mandrel follower spring out of the tool.
  • Then reload the tool by following the above instructions.

How to operate

  • Push the fastener, protruding from the nose jaws, fully into the application holes ensuring that the tool is held square.
  • Operate the trigger without releasing – the mandrel head is pulled through the fastener, forming the fastener into the application
  • Remove the tool.
  • Release the trigger. The next fastener will be automatically presented through the nose jaws, ready for placing

Note: The procedure for loading the tool and for fitting the nose equipment to the tool is integral and the cursor orientation and the nose equipment must be checked to be correct before attempting to operate the tool.

Safety guide

  • The tool/machine must be maintained in a safe working condition at all times and examined at regular intervals for damage and function by trained competent personnel
  • Always disconnect the airline from the tool/machine inlet before attempting to adjust, fit or remove a nose assembly.
  • Do not operate a tool/machine that is directed towards any person(s) or the operator. It is called a rivet “gun” for a reason.
  • Always adopt a firm footing or a stable position before operating the tool/machine.
  • Ensure that vent holes do not become blocked or covered and that hoses are always in good condition.
  • The operating pressure shall not exceed 7 bar (100 lbf/in2 ).
  • The combination of the fastener, mandrel, hole size and sheet thickness shall be in accordance with the specification of the manufacturer, Avdel UK Limited.
  • When using the tool, the wearing of safety glasses is required both by the operator and others in the vicinity to protect against fastener ejection, should a fastener be placed ‘in the air’. We recommend wearing gloves if there are sharp edges or corners on the application.
  • Take care to avoid entanglement of loose clothes, ties, long hair, cleaning rags etc. in the moving parts of the tool which should be kept dry and clean for the best possible grip.
  • When carrying the tool from place to place keep hands away from the trigger/lever to avoid inadvertent startup. 17 Excessive contact with hydraulic oil should be avoided. To minimize the possibility of rashes, care should be taken to wash thoroughly


Upon seeing all the feature stated above, one tend to wonder why the Avdel Genesis hydro-pneumatic rivet tool is not much appreciated and recognized.

Our notice and answer to that would be about the price. The riveter is highly expensive and quite not affordable. Although some financially capable companies in the need of riveting don’t mind buying so far it eases their stress and saves time.

Hence if you are financially capable of buying, it’s a value worth it but if not, there are countless affordable air riveters to get your work done.  Check out for other affordable air riveters.  

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