Astro PR14 Air Riveter vs DoubleSun Air Riveter

The air pneumatic riveter continues to be a versatile rivet tool with its outstanding performance, speed, and ease of use. It remains one of the best rivet guns generally accepted for wide application.

Its ability to reach or join any element within any difficult angle is a great advantage as this makes work easier, faster and less stressful. However, a lot of these air pneumatic pressure riveter has flooded the market and the need to get the best durable and efficient one has been a matter of concern to users, but that’s what we are here to help you with so you can always make the right choice that worth your money.  

Anyway, today’s post is a feedback response to one of our subscribers. We are making it public so others interested could benefit and be enlightened.

Hence we would be comparing the Astro pneumatic PR14 Air Riveter to DoubleSun Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Riveter.

Astro pneumatic PR14 Air Riveter

Astro PR14 Air Riveter vs DoubleSun Air Riveter

Astro pneumatic tool PR14 air riveter is a wonderful product manufactured by Astro and made its first public appearance on the 4th of October 2004. Astro is one of the popular leading industries in the united states.

Astro Pneumatic Tool PR14 air riveter is a brilliant design tool made for heavy-duty in specificity ranging from industrials, fabrication shops and body shops etc. Where riveting is a major daily operation.  This rivet gun is a lightweight tool weighing 4.15 pounds with a thickness measuring 6 inches, this reduces the operator energy force by 60% avoiding hand fatigue.

The Astro PR14 is versatile with a decent compatibility range with 5 nosepieces fitting almost every size from ¼-inch (6.4mm), 3/16-inch(4.8mm), 5/32-inch(4mm), and 1/8-inch(3.2mm), 3/32-inch(2.4mm) to handle any tough rivets of which three are attached to the base.

The Astro PR14 tool also features a 15mm stroke, runs on ½ horsepower and with a standard air pressure ranging from 90 – 120psi, this tool would set in a rivet and rivet nut effortlessly with a pulling force of about 2400 to 2600lbs. In addition to its unique performance, the cylinder air valve releases rapidly in preparation for the next riveting. This help the tool avoid overloading and jamming issue plus it fits into any angle and is great for all rivets size.

It has a compatible ability and capacity with steel rivet, stainless rivet and aluminium. Do bear in mind that Astro pneumatic tool Pr14 air riveter doesn’t come with rivet nuts, therefore a need to purchase them separately is avoidable.

DoubleSun Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Riveter

Astro PR14 Air Riveter vs DoubleSun Air Riveter

DoubleSun Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Riveter is another unique air pressure gun manufactured by Doublesun, it made its public appearance on May 5, 2019, ranking it as junior to the Astro Pneumatic pr14 tool.

It features a three-piece steel teeth design, good hardness, strong wear resistance and large pulling force of about 2000lbs – 2650lbs, with a working stroke of 16mm fitted for rivets of different lengths

The tool possesses a high-quality synthetic material in a durable ergonomic design, lightweight of 3.85pounds with a comfortable grip to reduce the stress induced from long time use and also avoid the fatigue that follows.

DoubleSun Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Riveter comes with 4 nosepieces for rivets 3/32-inch(2.4mm), 1/8-inch (3.2mm), 5/32-inch (4.0mm), 3/16-inch (4.8mm)

The rivet tool Improves work efficiency through spring circuit and air circuit, and quick oil return design with no vibration technology.

Just like the Astro pneumatic pr14, this tool also has wide application use that includes several industries such as decoration and decoration industry, automobile manufacturing, container production, electrical and electronic manufacturing, luggage manufacturing, and machinery manufacturing. Which engages in constant rivet installation.

Similar to Astro PR14 pneumatic air riveters, this riveter has an orifice for quick air escape enhancing productivity in high-speed assembly operations and is compatible with environmental requirements with silent design and low noise operation. The rivnut can also be set at any tough angle for any operation.

The downside of DoubleSun Heavy Duty Riveter is the jamming issue and how it gets difficult working with it on hard materials


According to our team’s research, tests, and feedback, the fact has been laid out that, both the riveting guns are quite good and unique in their own way yet, Astro pneumatic pr14 air riveter aside from rivnut separate purchase, won the comparison battle by working smoothly without issue compared to DoubleSun Heavy Duty Riveter which often gets jammed when used often and less qualified to work with harder material.

But if this jamming issue is something you could do away it then you are still good to go with your installation.

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