AMTOVL 32 Inch Heavy Duty Rivet Gun Review

AMTOVL 32 Inch Heavy Duty Rivet Gun Review

What pops in your mind whenever you hear AMTOVL products? Is it good or bad?

Let us find out by reviewing one of their best heavy-duty manual rivet guns, but before we delve into this.

What is AMTOVL itself?

AMTOVL is an experience and licensed manufacturer in the business of creating superior tools for homes and beyond.

AMTOVL’s major concern is producing safe affordable and reliable exclusive tools for their customers.

The company is constantly adapting to the trending pace as they advance with the demands of the market, in order to enhance its customers’ experience and satisfy their needs.

AMTOVL is achieving this by continuing the creation of innovative and excellent products with great functionality and ease of usage.

A typical example of this product is the AMTOVL 32 Inch Pop Rivet Gun, which we would be reviewing in this post. Let’s journey together.

 AMTOVL 32-Inch Pop Rivet Gun is a heavy-duty hand rivet tool widely acceptable for its functionality.

AMTOVL 32 Inch Heavy Duty Rivet Gun Review


The hand rivet gun is designed and constructed from heavy gauge metal, held together by solid bolts with lock nuts which could be tightened later as they become loose when used with time.  

Compared to the customary riveters, AMTOVL embraces a labour-saving design by manufacturing the AMTOVL 32inch rivet gun in a lightweight, durable, high-quality, telescopic pattern elongating the lifelong expectancy.

Ease of use

The hand rivet gun comes with smooth ease of usage this can be seen in the tool scissors design which helps users increase the force applied when setting a project or application rivets. apparently, it produces a fast result with less force.

It comes with a super comfortable good grip when riveting, although, in settings for many rivets, users might likely experience forearm strain or hand fatigue.

For much rivet settings, we urge users to check out affordable electric rivet guns.   

In terms of storage and space, The hand rivet gun is provided with a buckle to fix the rivet gun after use as a dedicated security lock.


AMTOVL 32inch heavy-duty rivet gun was designed in a compatible way with 5 interchangeable Rivets Heads: 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm, 6.0mm and 6.4mm.

With 200Pcs of rivets distributed among the 5 rivet heads: 80pcs (3.2mm), 60 pcs (4.0mm), 40 pcs (4.8mm), 10 pcs (6.0mm), 10 pcs (6.4mm).

The hand rivet gun comes with a small wrench to swap and install the rivet heads in order to set for the next riveting.  


When it comes to application, AMTOVL 32inch heavy-duty rivet gun is widely and professionally accepted.

The tool has been tested for fastening different pipes, metal sheets and other manufacturing industries and the result wasn’t a bad one.

It is mostly used in the setting of rivets in light industrial and electromechanical materials which include automobiles, aviation, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments and the rest.  


  • Strong
  • Affordable
  • Highly and durably Strong.
  • Sets rivets smoothly
  • Great ease of usage


  • It sometimes has issues ejecting used rivet stem
  • Often jam
  • The lock buckle slips into the moving part causing an issue
  • Not good for tight angles

How to use the pop rivet gun

  1. Attach a correct size drill bit to drill.
  2. Place one of the objects to be joined on top of the other object where you want them joined.
  3. Clamp the objects firmly together.
  4. Drill a hole through both objects.
  5. Insert the long end of a pop rivet into the pop rivet gun.
  6. Push the short, wide end of the rivet through the holes in both objects.
  7. Squeeze the trigger of the pop rivet gun a few times until you hear and feel a pop. The gun has popped the mandrel end off of the pop rivet and the two objects are locked together.
  8. Remove clamp from the objects.


If we are to weigh the feedback and test result of the AMTOVL 32inch heavy-duty rivet gun, the good response actually outweighs the bad ones, all rivet guns have their downsides.

But the bad thing is when the cons are more than the advantage. If this hand rivet gun is used according to the manufacturer’s instruction, you would likely have no issue with it.  

A good instance would be when a wrong rivet head is used for the wrong rivet size. Certainly, the rivet would be stuck in the rivet gun. But when avoided the tool gives a smooth riveting.

hence, it wouldn’t be a bad choice if you have AMTOVL 32inch heavy-duty riveter in your toolbox.

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