Air Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool UW-5800 Review

Air Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool UW-5800 Review

If you are not new to riveting, you would be well aware of the difficulties faced using a hand manual rivet gun, especially the time taken to set a rivet and the arm strain and fatigue that comes with it.

Thanks to the emergence of cordless and pneumatic that brought changes to the game of riveting.

With a Pneumatic rivet gun, riveting has never been easier. It is a rivet gun powered by compressed air and installs blind rivets rapidly. It has a built-in catch and remains the quickest of all rivet guns.

However, the major downside of a pneumatic riveter is that it requires a hosed connection to compressed air making it less portable and versatile compared to other rivet guns.

For a project requiring the installation of many rivets then you might want to consider a pneumatic rivet gun.  

This brings us to this review of IMPERIAL Air Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool UW-5800.

According to Rivetersguide tradition we research and test different rivet tools on the market and feed you back on them in order to guide your perspective on riveter buying for your desired projects.

Let’s talk about the wonderful imperial air hydraulic rivet nut tool.

The Heavy-duty, Imperial air hydraulic rivet nut tool is a Lightweight tool of 2.2 kg (4.9 lbs) made with a plastic body with long-life components.

Air Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool UW-5800 Review


Talk of ergonomics, this air hydraulic rivet nut tool comes to mind in terms of its durable designs and resourcefulness. As the name implies, the rivet gun comes with an air power source of about 5-7bar (75-100lbf/in²) connected to a hose and no matter the hardness of the material or the project, the air hydraulic riveter keeps you going.

It comes with the Latest ‘spin-pull’ technology and a super comfortable grip reducing hand fatigue and arms strains which can be suspended or hand-held and with a one-step trigger, it gives the user great and smooth riveting sessions with your project.

Speed control

Due to the air power source, the rivet gun delivers a powerful Motor Speed of 2000 RPM with a pulling force of 19.1 kN (4300lbf) conveniently.

The imperial air hydraulic rivet nut tool also comes with a stroke length of 0.27in converted to (7mm) granting the riveter power of setting many rivets for a project comfortably at a cycle time of 2.5 sec.

Noise control

The design of this air hydraulic rivet gun shows the manufacturer put the environment in mind in terms of friendliness. As it is proven medically that sound levels exceeding 85 decibels are considered dangerous and potentially damaging to human hearing.

The rivet gun was made with moderate noise of nothing less than 75dB (A) and a minimum vibration of nothing less than 2.5 m/s².


The rivet gun is a versatile product that comes with interchangeable 7 nose-piece assemblies which include #6-32, #8-32, #10-24, 1/4-20, 5/6-18, 3/8-16, 1/2-13 and are quite ideal for the nut in stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper and other materials to prove its usefulness in various wide projects or applications.

The nosepieces could be swapped by the provided wrench in other to set for the next rivnut settings.


  • One-step trigger
  • Highly durable, the nut can be pulled more than 1.8 million times in its entire life. (excluding wear parts)
  • High working efficiency
  • Moderate noise
  • Simple operation structure
  • Ideal for demanding production environments
  • Quick and simple operation
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Increased productivity
  • Places a wide range of threaded inserts
  • Ensures accurate and secure thread installation
  • Fully automatic tool, from installing to pulling and pushing nut out, only one key is needed


  • Consumable parts such as mandrels and nose-piece assembly need to be replaced regularly
  • Highly expensive

Safety User Guide

In order to enable you to use this tool correctly and not be injured during riveting, please read the following items carefully and strictly implement them before use.

  1. The maximum air pressure used cannot exceed 7bar or the maximum pressure required in the instructions.
  2. After installing the gun head, please test the air pressure and tools to be normal before starting the formal operation.
  3. During replays nose-piece, for safety, be sure to turn off the air source first
  4. When not in use, changing tool accessories or performing maintenance, please turn off the air source and disconnect the tool from the air source connector.
  5. When operating the tool, do not wear gloves, shin guards, or loose clothing, and keep a certain distance from the body and the tool.
  6. Do not directly touch the rotating shaft to avoid injury to your hands or other parts of the body by tools. Wear gloves to protect your hands during operation.
  7. Non-professionals cannot modify the tool structure by themselves, or replace parts from other manufacturers.
  8. Do not leave excessively long gas lines in walkways or work areas, which could cause staff to trip and slip.


Air Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool UW-5800 has been tested and proven to be a versatile tool which is widely accepted professionally.       

A good tip according to the manufacturer says it’s best to do some testing on scrap to adjust the stroke to get the desired nuts result. Start with a short-stroke setting and work your way up until the nut is properly tightened. When the nut pull stroke is set too long, you may strip the threads on the mandrel.

The direction of pulling the nut should be perpendicular to the plate, so as not to damage the pull rod and get a good pulling nut effect, and lastly, the stroke needs to be adjusted before use else an excessive stroke will lead to rapid wear of the tool.

So, therefore, I can advise and affirm that if you are going to need a tool to deal with all kinds of heavy-duty work, the Air Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool UW-5800 wouldn’t be a bad idea provided you have the financial capability.

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