21″ Beaspire 2-in-1 Rivet Nut Tool Kit Review

21" Beaspire "2 in 1" Rivet Nut Tool Kit Review

A tool is well appreciated for its value when it easily achieves what it was bought for. You feel happy and relaxed, then pat yourself and say “nice buying”. So is this wonderful piece from Beaspire that hasn’t stopped intriguing people with innovative products.

A good one is the Beaspire 21” 2 in 1 rivnut tool kit which I will be writing about as regards subscriber feedback.

Beaspire 2-in-1 Rivet Nut Tool Kit comes in a unique 2-in-1 Foldable Design. The 21″ rivet nut tool is set with an upgraded foldable design in order to make operation more labour-saving. It can be used for blind rivets and rivnuts, hence the name “2 in 1”.

21" Beaspire  "2 in 1" Rivet Nut Tool Kit Review


The Beaspire 2 in 1 rivet nut tool kit is designed from a high-strength durable steel body, and blackened treatment prevents to corrosion and excellent non-slip PVC-covered handles providing comfortability and reliability for lifelong expectancy.

The non-slip steel handles with soft cushion grips make you feel at ease when riveting and help to avoid hand fatigue.


The Beaspire 2 in 1 rivet nut tool kit features a unique folding chromium-molybdenum steel arm plus the ergonomic handle altogether proves its credence for great leverage.

For a lever heavy-duty gun, the longer the arm, the less force is required to squeeze the rivet. Hence in comparison to ordinary 16-inch and 17-inch rivnut tools, Beaspire 2-in-1 rivet nut tool kit handles measure 21-inches.

This implies that it can save more energy and help the riveting process easily and smoothly thereby saving up to 90% of user effort.

The rivet nut kit comes with a portable sturdy carrying case, which is convenient for storing rivet nuts and the tool itself.

The good part is the tool aptly fits the case because of the arm which is a drop-forged frame with a patented folding mechanism in order for compact storage attributes to be achieved despite the longer handle.


Beaspire ”2 in 1” rivet nut kit features a compatible and interchangeable mandrel of 9 pieces starting from M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, 10-24, 1/4-20 and 5/16-18 plus 5 sizes of rivet heads which are 2mm, 4mm, 4.8mm, 6mm and 6.4mm.

An addition of 45Pcs rivet nuts and 25Pcs rivets was included which are distributed among the mandrel and the rivet head by 5 each.

In order to change or swap the mandrel and the nosepieces, there are 4 different sizes of wrenches of range from 5.5mm to 22mm provided for that rendering rivet operation more convenient and efficient.


Thanks to the included “2 in 1” features of both rivet and rivet nuts. Beaspire rivnut tool kit has a wide application which has been confirmed to be beneficial to all project requiring riveting.

The application ranges from automobile repairs, instruments, furniture, buildings, decorations, and the rest.

Like I said it really worth the hype.


  • Labour saving
  • Affordable
  • High and durable quality
  • Sets rivets smoothly
  • Multipurpose


  • Not good for a tight spot
  • Inadequate instruction manual
  • No replacement part

Listed below are certain things to be aware of before using the Beaspire rivnut tool kit. 

  • Please check the hole size before selecting mandrel and rivet nuts.
  • Always use mandrel and nut rivet of the same size.
  • The rivet must be the same size as the nozzle, wrong size may cause rivets to jam.
  • The lock nut is replaceable for matching different sizes of rivets.
  • It needs to set the height of the mandrel each time there is a change in nut size or workpiece thickness.
  • The 1/4″ (6.4mm) rivet head has been installed in the rivet nut tool
  • Rivet nut tool is only suitable for materials with higher hardness, iron frames, etc.
  • Forcing the handles beyond the resistance point may result in damage to the threads or the tool.

There has been some frequent question and answer on the Beaspire rivnut tool kit but out of all, we have picked the most useful one from them.

Frequent Question and Answer

Question: Will this tool set rivet and nut?

Answer: Yes, this is a unique 2-in-1 design rivet nut tool. It allows users to use both rivets and nuts.

Question: What material thickness should be used for insert rivets?

Answer: The metal thickness is determined by the thickness of the workpiece user is working with and the nut or rivet size chosen.

Whenever the nut rivet size or workpiece thickness changes, the height of the mandrel needs to be set.

Users can choose the correct size mandrel and nut or rivet according to the size of the hole.

The rivet nut tool is already categorized and could be chosen and adjusted as needed. 

Question: Is M3 mandrel available?

Answer: No, the included ones are M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, and M12

Question: Is the tool capable of setting a blind threaded stud?

Answer: Yes, there are a total of 45 nuts in 9 sizes to meet different needs in various occasions.

Question: How long is the M5 mandrel tip when arms are fully extended?

Answer: 90 mm

Question: How wide is the head? I need to stick it up into a narrow slot.

Answer: The box is 13.78 in (35 cm) long and 10.23 in (26 cm) wide.


In conclusion. I wouldn’t say Beaspire “2 in 1” rivet nut tool kit is a bad choice, though the critics are true yet some of them could be tagged as the user’s fault. The mandrel breakages or damages happen in terms of too much pressure applied on the handles. The smaller rivnut requires just a minimum pressure to set.

If that can be handled, the user shouldn’t have a problem with the rivnut tool.

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