Dewalt Dw616 Review

Dewalt Dw616 Review

As a woodwork hobbyist, working with wood at all times makes you want more creative tools that could ease your work as well as deliver you a good project finishing.

Another great tool to consider is the DeWalt DW-616. A quality nifty and resourceful tool from DeWalt produced to meet all woodwork hobbyists’ desires.

The router was made with all required features in mind such as stability, compatibility, reliability and versatility in order to arrive at smooth wood workpieces.

With in-depth research from our team, we provide you with a review of DeWalt DW-616.

DeWalt Dw616

Every router comes with different features which you have to be familiar with whether you are a newbie or a veteran woodwork hobbyist.

And these are reasons we are here for people in order to help bridge this knowledge gap of necessary vital information needed for a tool purchase.

DeWalt Dw616 Review


Dewalt dw616 is designed from a quality material featuring a die-cast aluminium base and motor housing for durability and low tool weight that can last a long time when in use without exhausting either the user or the tool itself.

It has A dust-sealed switch that protects against dust ingestion for longer switch life, and the motor housing is nickel plated for a smooth, long-lasting depth adjustment.

The product features a cordless electric power source and weighs 2.83 Kilograms with a dimension of 10.75 x 9.25 x 7.25 inches.

There is a provision for a comfortable firm rubber moulded handle. which is easily gripped for easy use avoiding arms fatigue

It features an ergonomic design of a cord set configuration which has both left and right side switches hence making a quick depth change easier.


In the class of speed, the router made a distinction. It comes with an apt amount of speed for any tough woodworking application.

The router features a Motor power of 1-3/4-hp and 120 volts, 11-amp motor is provided to ensure smooth routing on any hardwood workpieces. for a woodwork hobbyist that sure does gladden the heart.

Depth adjustments

Depth adjustment of a typical router must be vetted in order to get a job done. Fret not.

Dewalt dw616 comes with micro-fine depth adjustment rings. Which allows a definite or specific adjustment in 1/64inch increments.

To achieve this, do ensure the ring is adjusted in a vertical position according to the provided switch set location while the rest are being done by the micro-fine depth ring.

Motor cam lock

A rare one from DeWalt is the provision of a motor cam. This is quite unique and advanced compared to what is out on the market.

The router has an adjustable steel motor cam securing a smooth depth adjustment and rapid base changes.

Another included great feature is the router’s ability to maintain solid locking which requires no extra tool.

Sub-Base Concentricity Gauge

A good part our team quite love about this router is the accuracy. The accuracy is more backed up by the sub-base concentricity gauge, which avails the user of enhanced correctness and as well upholds the concentricity of the device.

Lastly, the router has an inclusion of an extended form of sub-base named the Lexan sub-base.

Which sustains the reliability, luminosity and capacity allowing the standard form of guide covering. What more to desire in a router for smooth workpieces?


  • Affordable price
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Fixed and plunge bases are provided
  • Tool-free adjustments
  • Reliable


  • Short power cord
  • Lack of LED light for maximum visibility
  • Loud noise when in use

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at the frequently asked questions about this router.

Q: Is the power cord included with the router?

Ans: Yes, the power cord is included with your router. However, it might detach easily, so it is recommended and better if you attach and mount yours to your router table instead.

Q: Can this router be used in a router table?

Ans: Yes, you can. However, you should consult with your manufacturer about which router table would be the right one for your purchased router. Better not to take any risk about the situation.

Q: Does this version come with a storage case or bag?

Ans: No, this version of the router does not come with a storage case or bag. Although, if you are willing to purchase a larger “kit” along with your router, you can always do that. The kits include accessories and other storage case devices.

Q: Does this Dewalt router have a light to allow you to see the work area better while the machine is running?

Ans: Unfortunately, no, this router does not come with any light.

Q: Can this be attached to my Craftsman router table?

Ans: There is no accurate guarantee that the router will fit right. Please contact the craftsman to get a better view of this. Better not to risk it.


As we come to the end of the article, be well guided as to your buying. You can come here anytime to refresh on the features to get your fact rights and get the best router fitted for your woodwork project.

Woodwork is always fun and stress-free when equipped with the right tool, so do well to get your router and have fun routing.

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